We specialize in:

  • Tennis & basketball court construction and maintenance as well as any other sport court.
  • Consultation – New court? Old Court? Hard, cushioned, or tiled? What to do? We can help make the decision easier.
  • Resurfacing – We use only the finest acrylic tennis court products to restore your surface to a like new condition. We repair small and large cracks using elastomeric crack filler material. In addition, we install crack repair fabric systems which are long-term solutions installed and coated with a high quality acrylic tennis court material.
  • Maintenance – Cracking or peeling? Ask about our annual maintenance program designed to prolong the life of your court.
  • Running track maintenance – rubberized running track repairs and cleaning.

Please contact us for more information or a free estimate.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

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